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How much is your time worth? $200/hr? More? When you spend hours updating your ads instead of working, that's how much money you're losing.

Not to mention having to keep notes and calendars with all the update and expiration days, and all the money lost when you forget to post an ad on time.

Get nicer customers & more money

There’s already a great guide for a VIP, college educated, world-trotting elite escorts. But what to do when you’re young, new, and didn’t come from the “right side of the track”? Here’s a quick primer that just might turn your biz around.

What they see is what you get-present yourself in the right way

Who do you want to see? If you want nice, generous, drama free and well off people, take a look at what they’re like and what they like. You might be scaring off your best customers!

Most of the good customers are hard working people who want fun with no danger and drama. They see TV shows like “Cops” & watch the news of another rapper shooting. They don’t know you – all they know is your phone message, your pictures and your voice. If you appear too much like the bad things they see on TV, they might not pick up the phone or leave that message. Be professional – you’re in a business. Treat it like a business and good things will happen.

Your body

Get rid of tattoos. Really. They can be removed. If you’re in the escort business, your body is your billboard. If you have “Top Bitch” tatooed on your ass, you will be treated like a dog. You are better than that.

Guys also don’t want to know how many boyfriends you had, nor stare at their names during your encounter. If you gotta have tattoos, get high quality work and stick to the neutral stuff. Every tattoo you have means less $$ in your pocket. I know it’s stupid, but it’s true.

Take care of your body. It doesn’t matter if you’re BBW, skinny, or built like Beyonce. There’s a lot of people who’ll think you’re hot. But, take care of what you got. That means lotion for your skin so it’s soft and glowing, manicure, pedicure, and nicely done hair, and some foundation and/or powder on your face if it’s shiny. Get a lot of sleep… at least before you go to work or have a shoot. The stoner look is not sexy, it screams “I’ll steal your wallet”. People are calling you because they want a fantasy-come-true experience, and that’s what you need to be if you want to make good money as an escort.

Your voicemail message

Dozens of younger advertisers we have all make the same mistake. Guy calls, and there’s a gangsta rap song on the voicemail message, no name, no idea when and if we’ll be called back, and he can’t even know if he reached the right number. Would your ideal customer (nice, rich and probably in his 30s-40s) leave a message? Even if he does, he probably has second thoughts, and his idea of how much an hour of your time is worth has just gone down.

You’re a professional. Have a professional voicemail message – this is your ad, too. Let them hear your sweet and friendly voice. Give your name, what your work hours are, and info on when can they expect your callback. Throwing in something like “your privacy is important to me – please let me know what’s the best time and number to call you back” is also a nice touch.

You don’t have to sound boring. Just make sure your tone of voice and what you say is welcoming. You have a service to offer – don’t make your customer feel like you think that you’re doing them a great big favor by seeing them… They’ll think you’re unfriendly and aggressive in person too, and can easily find someone who sounds like they’ll be glad to see them instead.

Same model, same shoot, two photos. You can guess which photo would make him call...

Same model, two photos. Guess which photo would make him call...

Your photos

The worst ever ad photo someone sent us was of herself buck naked, standing on her head with her legs spread wide, in a dark and dirty hallway. Impressive, but not exactly a class act.

1) It’s better if you have professional photos in the business where looks matter, just like models and actresses do. But even a good phone camera photo will do, if it’s done right. Standing by a window or laying on your bed, with natural light to one side is better than the harsh light of a bathroom (please, please, try to avoid the toilet as background). Make sure there’s no mess, cables and trash in the background.

2) Who has more merchandise in the window? Tiffany’s or Wallgreens? You can be sexy, hot, and even naughty without showing everything you’ve got – nudity is fine in my book, but many, many people feel that full frontal and spread eagled shots go with “cheap” and “desperate”. You don’t have to dress like a nun (unless that’s your thing :-)), but even a full nude can be tasteful.

In addition to turning off higher paying and more respectful customers, “desperate” photos will attract people who like to bargain down & predators who’ll feel you have such a low opinion of yourself, you’ll let everyone use you.

3) Don’t look angry, high or bored. You might not like having pictures taken, but you’re not only in front of photographer. You’re in front of ALL the people who’ll be seeing that photo. If you look like you’d rather be anywhere else, they will go somewhere else too, and no money for you.

If you advertise with a photo that makes you proud of yourself, you got the right one.

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