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How to Tame Twitter

I just read a marketing blog article listing the many annoyances of advertising your brand or services on Twitter.

I couldn’t disagree more. Twitter is fun, and a great tool to promote your business – even (or especially) your adult business!

Who's your Twitter daddy?

Most of the the 17 (!) annoyances in the article above apply only if you’re indiscriminately following everything that moves, something which many purely commercial accounts do. Then, your Tweeter stream becomes an unusable blur of endless spam tweets by bots, boring chatter about who cooked beans for dinner and other verbal chaff.

But, following people is *not* the only way to gain Twitter followers. – offering interesting content that people will want to follow and retweet,  and building your reputation are the more natural ways to grow your Twitter followers. In addition to getting more solid follower base, this will help you avoid spambots entirely.

One of the things I love about Twitter is that I can choose whose messages to see – for example, @lovings has about 4,500 followers, but follow only about 270 people on a daily basis, as one simply can’t ingest more information without it making one’s Twitter presence impersonal. (Twitter lists are a great way to categorize & reward other followers whose tweets you might not want to see every day, but feel are of value to you or your followers. So is an occasional retweet from a timeline of a new follower.)

As for the conversion ratio, while they did not get too many direct sales, they did forge quite a few alliances, had made new friends in adult industry, and have received a significant increase in traffic to their web site. Direct mail and other marketing methods are a wrong model for social media. You can liken it much more accurately to a live cocktail party – you don’t make sales on the spot, but some of the business cards you doled out do eventually come back as customers.

Of course, it’s slower, and it actually takes time and effort – something that can get hard for a marketeer with many clients and products to sell. Alas, in social networking, there’s no shortcut to… socializing. So-

Think of Twitter as a big cocktail party, and you’ll have fun and influence people:

1) Find and follow the most influential and interesting people in your industry and a few personal interests – sites such as WeFollow and Google Labs’ Follow Finder are a great resource.

2) Keep the number of people you follow reasonable, so you can respond, find fun things to retweet, and not get overwhelmed by a sheer number of messages.

3) MAKE FRIENDS and be interactive. In addition to your “business” tweets, retweet, respond, tease, flirt, share jokes and an occasional personal moment. Don’t be afraid to make real friends (I consider many of the people I met on Twitter genuine buddies, crushes and mentors. They’re cool!). Don’t be a bot – be a persona. Lend a hand and retweet that message by a follower looking for a roomate. Just like at the cocktail party, sitting in the corner and waiting for someone to speak to you will get you nowhere – follow the conversations and chip in if you have something valuable to add to them. This will get you noticed and followed back.

4) Visit a Twitter stats site, and use it to figure out who’s following you, what your trends are, who you chat with the most and who is neglected. GraphEdge is a good, cheap tool, and so is the free Twitalizer.

5) Get a tool such as Splitweet to easier follow your mentions and keywords of importance in other people’s tweets, as well as have an easy way to manage more than one account.

6) Content, content, content! There’s nothing that can replace your intelligence, wit, sexiness and sense of humor. Write honestly, include the biz info in a natural way (DON’T spam), show what you’re thinking about and be a devilishly sexy tease.

Don’t be afraid to occasionally stray away from your main topic. Yes, most of tweets should be sexy, but some of those unrelated messages can be among the most retweeted.

Your range can be anything from a serious activist/journal stream (@Mollena) to the completely x-rated stuff (@ThreeWaysIn), or something in the middle, like the sexy, smart and occasionally controversial @Alexa_DiCarlo. (Alexa is an excellent example of time-saving social networking. In addition to Twitter-only content, she announces her blog posts, and posts links to a lot of sexy NSFW photos – not just hers, which would take a lot of extra work, but also the great finds from around the Interwebz.)

7) Create an internal social web. Who has the time to visit all the social places like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. anyway? By setting up your accounts on as many web sites as possible to receive your tweets or status updates,  you can update all at the same time. For example, blog is also set up to update Twitter with announcement of the new posts, as well as the Facebook Blog Network, and through that, their Facebook page. They have a TwitPic account for their photo posts, which also updates Twitter automatically, a Disqus comment profile that ties webmistress’ more mainstream post commenting into their Lovings Webmistress social account, and a number of other connections. They have also created a @lovings presence on any more popular Twitter related sites, such as WeFollow, to further raise the visibility of their Twitter account. Fun and usable web site offshoots that have grown around Twitter are its great strength – no matter what you do, there’s likely to be a Twitter-based site catering to your market.


Onefourty has an impressive directory of rated and reviewed Twitter related apps, sites and tools.

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