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4 marketing tips for male escorts for women

Male escorts who are looking for women customers have a few extra challenges other adult entertainers don’t have to worry about. Yet, it can be done! Here’s how.

1. Offer & Demand

It’s always easier for a woman to find temporary companionship than for a man. A lady just needs to stop by a hotel bar, have a drink or two, and choose among the offers.  Men have to deal with taking the first step, fear of rejection, the “mating displays” of dinners, drinks, flowers, you name it. That’s just how the cards are stacked here and now. This means than a male escort has much more competition, and has to step up the efforts and presentation – simply put, he has to try harder, and prove that he’s above average in many ways. However, now that it’s so easy for a woman to stop by a website and find what she’s looking for in the privacy of her home or hotel room, there’s a growing market for male escorts, especially among the professional women who may not have the time for a relationship, want a prestige of showing up at a function with a gorgeous “boyfriend”, or hate the potential complications of a quick hook-up. Isn’t it great that this is exactly the perfect market for an escort – a professional, affluent, and stable customer?

2. Safe, sane, …

A woman hiring a male escort is in a little scary situation. She’ll be in a company of a stranger who’s stronger and bigger than she is, and she has no guarantees that you’ll be respectful, attentive, or even sane. You can be a nicest guy in the world, but you’ll still have to prove it through how you present yourself.

Looking a little adventurous, having a well groomed “bad boy” attitude is all good, but if you talk like a gangster and look like a thug, you’ll be screaming “mugging or worse”, and get few or no customers. Playing with “bad” stereotypes can easily backfire and lose you business. Dangerous “gangster” rappers can be hot, but most “mainstream” professional, successful women (customers you’re trying to attract, remember?) don’t want to be around when one gets shot.

You must make her feel safe, before you can make her notice you’re great fun.

a) Show some respect for your customers. Don’t refer to women as “bitches” and “hoes”. It tends to piss us off and it marks you as an angry, nasty guy, even if you’re jus’ playin’. Shelters are full of women trying to avoid guys who use those words. Why would we *pay* you for such treatment?!? (Even a woman looking for a Dom for BDSM play will expect for you to wait until she consents to such words.)

b) Show some respect for yourself. Don’t refer to yourself with terms such as a “n**ga” or “mandingo warrior”. You can claim any word you like proudly, but some of us are uncomfortable (or completely disgusted) with racist terms, no matter who uses them. People who disrespect themselves are not sexy.

Don’t refer to your pride-and-joy with stereotypical terms like “johnson” either. People who can’t come up with something original are usually pretty lousy company, in bed or outside of it.

3. Smart and…

Clean up your ad language. Sound interesting and educated, or at least show you can write in the language you were born into. Don’t use all capitals – this is a basic Internet etiquette. You don’t have to pretend you’re someone you’re not, but do spend a minute thinking about your best personality qualities, and then write about them in clear, plain English.

If you claim a special knowledge, such as Tantra practices or massage skills, back up your claim – how did you learn, and how long is your experience. If you don’t have a degree, be honest and highlight your interest and your experience instead.

4. Sensual

There’s plenty men who have a nice physique. Some are pretty impressive too. Many can be had for free. BUT – there’s only a few who would make us feel like it’s all about us.

a) Photos: X-rated photos work great for gay escorts for men. Not so for male escorts for women. Letting the ladies know there’s something impressive in your pants with the pants still on is great. But simply waving your big package in her face will not gain you the kind and numbers of clients you hope for. Yeah, women know you’re proud of what you got, but that’s not (ok, not nearly the main reason) why we’d hire you.

Clean up, get professional photos, wear a range of clothes so we know we can take to to a dance club or a nice dinner without being embarrassed. Tasteful nudes are ok too.

b) Sensual atmosphere. In both your photos and your ad text, try to create a story in your future client’s mind. A photo of you slowly unbuttoning your shirt to show off your pecs, or flexing while you exercise will work much better than full-on porn. Why do you think the stupid romance novels still outsell porn for women? Unfortunately, many of women in the US are still uncomfortable with an idea of wanting an erotic experience, and have to sneak up on the idea instead of charging right in.


-Build trust and make her feel safe from the start. Offer to meet in a public place for a drink or coffee, if she so wishes.

-Show that you’re an all around respectful, fun and interesting thinking human being with healthy confidence. (It doesn’t make you less “manly”. It makes you more of a man we want!)

-Be sexy, but not vulgar or “cheap”.

-While you’re writing your ad text, think more about “This is what I can I do for her” than “Here I am, ain’t I great ladies!”

Getting a personal web site you can link from all other advertising is also a good idea. More she knows about you, more comfortable she’ll be, more likely she’ll call you.

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