A tremendous amount of traffic and new advertisers coming to Lovings.com since MyRedbook closed makes it pretty obvious we have a lot of MyRedbook refugees; so, first of all:


I know it must be so stressful to have to find and get used to a whole new place and the way of doing things. We’re here to help, so please let us know how we can do that. A quick guide to what we’re about and how we’re different below.

Differences and similarities between Lovings.com and MyRedbook

Lovings.com has been in business since 1996, and has a great reputation for the quality of the advertisers and politeness and friendliness of the site visitors.  We hear that many find their ATF & long-term professional relationships here. We even made a marriage match or two! :-)

We hope to keep the good will, professionalism and friendliness of Lovings.com just the way it is, and are glad to be of help in your new neighborhood. Moving is always a hassle!

Everyone who advertises must show a proof of age. We are serious about keeping kids off our website and out of the adult business in general. No ID, no ad. Sorry, but this way everyone’s safer (for reasons recently made very obvious)… and it’s the law, anyway.
Yes, we have reviews too – look on the top of every ad, and you’ll see star ratings for service and the reality of photos marked. Please feel free to add your vote once you’ve seen an advertiser!

Why don’t we have explicit reviews? Explicit reviews are indiscreet, often fake, they put all parties at risk and are not necessary. Ratings we do have give you a good idea about the quality of an advertiser, without turning Lovings.com into a porn site and exposing everyone to all kinds of unpleasantness. For customer screening and/or reviews, we recommend a service such as P411 or date-check. Many advertisers also use recommendations from other advertisers who have already seen the person in question.

Real, live marketing professionals and designers look over your ad and photos, fix any grammar/spelling issues and make sure your photos are as good as they can get. We can also answer your questions, and help you place your ad. CONTACT US

Because of this, your ad will *not* go up the same second you post it – but when it does, it will be the best it can be. We promise to do our best to put your ad up within a few hours of receipt *during the business hours* (M-F 10am-5pm) and Saturday, and definitely within the 24 hours from receipt of ALL materials and the payment.

Yes, Lovings.com is not free. What do you get for it? Hands-on services of professional ad writers & photo editors, help with marketing and a friendly human to talk with in case you need help. This also means that all ads are screened, and you don’t have to worry about being exposed to risks due to “bad neighbor” ads.

While not free, we’re very reasonably priced, and have new specials and great deals all the time (the monthly cost is actually lower than when you add up all the daily charges of some other classifieds sites – and we do have weekly rates, too). We just lowered the first month rate to help you make the transition too! If you have suggestions for a fair deal that can work for everyone, please do let us know.

For site visitors, finding the right ad is absolutely free! No memberships. No coming up with reviews. Just come by and take a look at anything you like ;-).

Feel free to also drop by Twitter, where Webmistress will be happy to chat with you in 140 characters. (Yes, every new ad gets tweeted to our 8,000+ followers, too.)