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Why use our services?

..when you can do it all yourself.

How much is your time worth? $200/hr? More? When you spend hours updating your ads instead of working, that's how much money you're losing.

Not to mention having to keep notes and calendars with all the update and expiration days, and all the money lost when you forget to post an ad on time.


We’re a select group of adult advertising professionals who have connections and affiliations with a number of major adult classifieds and directories. With over 14 years of experience in the field of adult advertising, we know what works.

Our experience includes posting ads, copywriting (writing ad text), photo editing, web site building and marketing, design and publishing for newspaper ads, and more.

As more and more people are using self-publishing websites, we’ve often heard complains from our clients, about how much time and effort it takes for them to do all the updates and find out what works. Keeping track of all the bills and expiration dates is also hard, in a freedom-loving field of adult entertainment.

This is why we decided to offer this new service – to make your life simpler and easier (and yes – to make some money for ourselves in the process too :-)… offering good value for the price is always a good idea).

What we are

Your one-stop professional advertising service for all major adult directories and classifieds. We can also connect you to a reputable and good photographer in some areas (we don’t recommend people we don’t personally know and trust their quality).

What we’re not

We’re not an escort agency, or an answering or booking service. We don’t take a cut of your appointments, just a flat up-front advertising fee. You’re completely independent, and you’ll be answering your phone and email yourself. (If you need to find a secretary, we do know a few people, mostly ex-adult entertainers themselves, who offer such services. They’re not affiliated with us, but inquire and we’ll be happy to let you know about them.)

Contact us:

If you have any questions, or want to arrange for a payment by credit card over the phone, by money order or personal check (must clear before the services start), please call us M-F 10am-5pm PST at 415-831-4143. You can also email us at .