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Pandemic update – Online income stream opportunities

If you’re like most in-person adult entertainers, you’re are facing the facts of shelter-in-place and social distancing. If you already have online income streams, pat yourself on the back for being diversified and ahead of the curve. If not, this is a great opportunity to start! Here's a quick guide. Continue reading

A note for MyRedbook refugees

A tremendous amount of traffic and new advertisers coming to Lovings.com since MyRedbook closed makes it pretty obvious we have a lot of MyRedbook refugees; so, first of all:


I know it must be so stressful to have to… Continue reading

Now with weekly prices

Have trouble with commitments :-), or just want to try us out?

Lovings.com now has weekly prices! Buy ad for one week and see why some have been advertising with us since 1990’s!

Of course, our great deal monthly… Continue reading