Refunds/Credit: Refunds will be issued for non-published ads ONLY, including the ads refused on the grounds of obscene/vulgar/illegal content, and will reflect a 10% handling fee. If you discontinue your advertising before the next due date, you’re entitled to a credit of the remaining amount only. You can use this credit any time, or transfer it to another advertiser in writing.
Vacation credit: If you’re away for more than a week and less than a month, notify us ahead of time and we’ll remove the contact info and post your vacation dates. We’ll credit your account for the time you’re not using your ad.*
*You MUST let us know about your time away in order to receive credit.

There will be no refund nor credit for ads removed due to fraudulent (fake) IDs or photos. Using a fake ID is illegal, and we hate it because we don’t want kids advertising on our web site – so please don’t even try.

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