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Hi, I offer a rejuvenating pampering session…..I have strong hands to remove all your aches and pains!! I have 13 years experience as a licensed CMT as well as 8 yrs experience as a certified Pilates Instructor and 5 yrs as a healer so my rates reflect my education.
My bodywork vary from Swedish, Deep tissue, Relaxation, Healing, Light touch, Sport or Combination. I focus on working out all the knots, tightness, aches, and pains. I’m a crafts women and artisan at this trade because I take the time to listen to your bodies needs.

I also include if needed reiki healing in the session for any pain issues etc. It works!
For small nagging aches and pains to big issues. I do it all.
Advance appointments are best.
Stretching is included in the session and as per your request (however stretching is not required).
My sessions are 90 min for $140 and 60 min for $100.
Lymphatic drainage and cellulite massages,as well as Tantric sessions.
Leaving you feeling like King or Queen of the World :)
Namaste Helena 747-334-2755 Please DO NOT CALL AFTER 10:30pm.

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Ad size: First time trial Standard ad, one month – $25

Services: Incall, Massage, CMT & Certified Tantra

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