If you’re like most in-person adult entertainers, you’re are facing the facts of shelter-in-place and social distancing. If you already have online income streams, pat yourself on the back for being diversified and ahead of the curve. If not, this is a great opportunity to start! As the COVID19 measures continue to keep us in homes, the demand for online and texting porn is bound to explode.

“But I’ve never done it! It’s hard!”

Don’t fear. Some of the tools available to you are super easy – all you need is your smartphone – and for the more ambitions, it’s not hard or expensive to become a pro online star :-).

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Here is a list of some of the most popular and dependable cam and sexting websites to sign up for:

Cams.com (live cam shows)

Onlyfans.com (clips, sexting, photos)

Sexpanther (Clients pay per text message sent, photo and video opened, per minute call. You set your prices. Bi weekly pay out. )

Others also use mobile Cashapp and set up private Facetime shows over Facebook, or Snapchat paid options.

Do you want to get serious about making the best content for your fans? Upgrade to a better desktop webcam, get some professional lights and set up an inviting corner in your home to host your shows. You can have it all under $150!

NOTE: Due to huge demand for weird stuff right now, the items might be overpriced or out of stock at the link provided. In that case, just search Google for the reasonably priced item in stock.

1) One of the most popular reasonably cheap high quality computer webcams is Logitech C920 (around $69) C920 at Target

2) For a more professional look, good lighting is crucially important. You can find a cheap full set here (under $60):

3) If you’re using only your phone, this stand and selfie light set (around $36) might be useful (please note that ring lights are intended for portraits, and are usually not able to light your entire body from any distance):

Finally, learn more from the pros who have been doing it for a long time. This is a great series produced by a professional studio cam model star. See the whole Camgirl Expert series here and read a lot of great articles about camming on her website.